Our Group

Our research group is based at the Industrial Ecology Programme (IndEcol)  at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). We provide assistance in the following areas.

Sharing Data

The Environmental Footprints webpage collects data from multiple international databases and enables users to extract environmental information of countries and regions. Spatially disaggregated footprint data can be provided to sustainability consultants and professionals, for use in projects or tools. Feel free to contact us directly if you wish access to background data, or in case of other questions.

All data and results available on this webpage are made open source. We are happy to share our research and let people use and learn from our research! Please make sure to acknowledge the Environmental Footprint Explorer as the primary source of information when sharing content. Also we ask one to adequately cite the referenced publications where such are made available.

Research Collaboration

We welcome project proposals from new collaborators. You may also want to check out some of our prior projects and collaborations here. We also potentially offer the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research while living with the famous Norwegian nature at your doorstep. Please contact a member of the research team if interested!

Sharing and adapting of original content

All data and results available on this webpage are made open source. You are free to copy and share any original content provided that you give appropriate credit, provide a link to the original content and acknowledge if changes were made. Where a scientific publication is referred to as a source for results please make sure to cite the publication itself as a primary data source. Any data calculations and consulting beyond what is made available on the webpage would require a consulting contract. Please contact us directly.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Our Team

Professor Richard Wood, Professor richard.wood@ntnu.no
Digital Lab Manager Konstantin Stadler, Digital Lab Manager konstantin.stadler@ntnu.no
Postdoctoral Researcher Daniel Moran, Postdoctoral Researcher daniel.moran@ntnu.no
Postdoctoral Fellow Kirsten Svenja Wiebe, Postdoctoral Fellow kirsten.s.wiebe@ntnu.no
PhD Candidate Diana Ivanova, PhD Candidate diana.n.ivanova@ntnu.no
PhD Candidate Sarah Schmidt, PhD Candidate sarah.y.schmidt@ntnu.no
Senior Software Engineer Radek Lonka, Senior Software Engineer radek.lonka@ntnu.no
Postdoctoral Fellow Johannes Reinhard Többen, Postdoctoral Fellow johannes.tobben@ntnu.no
PhD Candidate Gibran Vita, PhD Candidate gibran.vita@ntnu.no
PhD Candidate Eivind Lekve Bjelle, PhD Candidate eivind.bjelle@ntnu.no
PhD Candidate Carl-Johan Södersten, PhD Candidate carl-johan.sodersten@ntnu.no
PhD Candidate Moana Simas, PhD Candidate moana.s.simas@ntnu.no