The Environmental Footprint Explorer

An open access forum to multi-regional input-output (MRIO) data, focusing on environmental footprints. All results are reported at a common classification to facilitate comparison.

Our web-based data explorer and visualisations are primarily based on output from 5 multi-regional input-output MRIO models: EXIOBASE, Eora, GTAP, WIOD and OECD. More detailed background about the databases can be found here.

EU regional footprints

An inventory of environmental footprints associated with household consumption by 177 EU regions. Calculations include carbon, land, water and material footprints across consumption domains (e.g. shelter, food and transport). The EU graphics visualise data from the first study to provide a sub national resolution of GHG emissions in the whole of EU. Full method and results can be found in our journal publication (open source).

Our data visualisation is based on rationalised consumption data from Household Budget Surveys (2006-2014) and the MRIO database EXIOBASE (version 2.3). 

Household Budget Surveys (HBS) were collected from National Statistics Offices (and harmonised by Eurostat). The majority of CESs adopt a common consumption nomenclature, i.e. the Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose (COICOP) (European Communities 2003). The spatial coverage is based on the Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics (NUTS) regions, a hierarchical regional classification within EU.

Environmental detail was provided by the EXIOBASE database constructed in the EU FP7 CREEA project. EXIOBASE is a multiregional input-output database  describing the world economy in 2007 at the detail of 43 countries, 5 rest-of-the-world regions and 200 product sectors.